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What is Q.One Consulting ?

Recently, the business competition always has high common competition, so management must always show their maximum efforts to make their activities to be existing, effective and efficient. One strategy which might be done is stay focus on its business core. Therefore the company would have to look for and find partners that could be the right colleague in order to win the competition to become Market Leader.

Q. One Consulting, a management consulting firm of Human Resources with IT based services such as :

  • Executive Search  and Selection,
  • HR Consulting,
  • Training Program Development,
  • HSE Training and Consulting, and
  • Assessment.

We understand that client satisfaction is the most important thing for all companies, including us, Q.One Consulting a management consulting firm of Human Resources with IT based services. Our team has experienced and has good reputation, supported with a strong and large network, especially in multinational companies from different industries, as well as our efforts to continue improving the quality of service, then so we are confident to be able to become a professional business partner for your organization.


    Being the best firm of management & Human Resources consulting in Asia region.
    Providing high commitment & continuous improvement solutions and professional services in order to maintain and improve the quality of service to the shareholders and customers satisfaction.


Q.One Consulting management is very concern about Quality Management System for standardization service in order to keep and increase customer satisfaction. Therefore on November 2012, we were officially certified of ISO 9001:2008 by SAI Global certification agency with certificate number: QEC30164

WITH Q.ONE Consulting Group YOU CAN

Recruitment, Training, Organization Development, and Consulting.

  • Executive Search & Selection
  • HR Consulting
  • Assessment
  • Training Programs

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Trainer K3
Instruktur yang akan memberikan training-training K3 adalah instruktur Senior dari KEMNAKER RI dan Instruktur yang berkompeten dan berpengalaman di bidangnya yang sudah sering memberikan materi dalam setiap penyelenggaraan training-training K3
Andi Faraby
Trainer/Personal Development Coach
10th years experience as HR Practitioner at FMCG and automotive manufacture. Kurang lebih 20 Companies have used their services, the field of training that became expertise: Effective Communication, Service Exellent, Interpersonal Skill, Time Management, Work Motivation, Leadership Skill, Japan Management Tools (HORENSO, 5S)
Drg. Irvianty Yura
Trainer/Public Speaker
Certified of : Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy Eriksonian - Hypnotherapy Quantum Touch   Black Belt Trainer Tempa Trainer Guild Professional Learning Consulting   A to Z Workshop for Trainer & Public Speaker Wanna be Trainer Trainer Booth Camp and Contest
Gion Sugiyono, ST., MT.
18 Years of Practitioner in Master of Engineering, Instructors and Consultant. Experience as Trainer in Warehouse Management, 5S Implementation & Improvement, Team Building, Horenso, Hypnotherapy, TPM, Mind Programming with NLP, Fire Extinguishing, KYT, Time Motion Study (Jikanbunseki) Character Building, Vendor Management, Spare Part Management, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, etc
Slamet Ardyanto, SE., MM
Trainer/ Writer/ Bisnis Coach
Karir Professional adalah Trainer Leadership, yang juga CEO PT. Mitra Sinergi Internasional dengan brand Q.One Consulting dan Lentera Safety. Q.One Consulting (www.qoneconsulting.co.id, www. qone-training.com) merupakan Konsultandan Training Provider dibidang Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia, sedangkan Lentera Safety (www.lenterasafety.com) adalah konsultan dan Training Provider di bidangKeselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (K3), Perusahaan yang dipimpinnya saat ini telah memiliki klien tidak kurang dari 300 perusahaan di seluruh Indonesia. Perusahaan yang dipimpinnya telah meraih sertifikat Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 dari badan sertifikasi Internasional SAI Global.Karir professional ± 15 tahun sebagai praktisi HRD di Perusahaan PMA, mengawali karir di PT. Sanyo Compressor Indonesia (SANYO Group), PT. Yamaha Motor Electronics Indonesia (YAMAHA MOTOR Group), dan Terakhir di PT. Unicharm Indonesia (UNICHARM Group). Pengalaman Mengajar Berbekalpengalamansebagaipraktisi HRD danhobidibidangmengajar, pria yang jugaLulusan Magister Manajemen SDM (S2) dariUniversitasBhayangkara Jakarta Raya ini, saatini active sebagai Trainer Leadership dan Training Of Trainer di berbagaiperusahaan. Berikutadalahdaftarpeusahaan yang telahmeggunakandiantaranya : PT. Honda Lock Indonesia, PT. Parker Metal Treatment Indonesia, PT. Roki Indonesia, PT. Keihin Indonesia, PT. Muramoto Electronics Indonesia, PT. Kasen Indonesia, EJIP - Bekasi , PT. East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP), PT. Sumisho Global Logistics, PT. Toyobesq PP Indonesia, PT. Sakai Indonesia, PT. Kasai Tech Indonesia, PT. Sumitomo SHI Construction Indonesia, PT. Mahatetsu Indonesia, PT. NissenChemintech Indonesia, PT. Indonesia Koito, PT. Inalum Indonesia, PT. Prakarsa PamunahLimbahIndustri (PPLI), PT. Shun Sin Indonesia, PT. Carvil Indonesia , PT. M. Class Roof , PT. KSO Sumarecon, Serpong, PT Astom Indonesia, PT. NOK Indonesia, dll
Dr. Meswantri MDiSC. CHt. NLP
Hypnotherapist/ Talents Mapping/ Brand Development
CEO of PT Solusi Safety Indonesia, which has succeeded in changing the paradigm of overseas product users to domestic product users, bringing Penguin products into one of the leading safety shoes products in Indonesia. Meswantri currently also serves as chairman of the Association of Mining Producers of Mining Supply (APDNPP)
Ms. Linda Saraswati ST, MM
Trainer/ Consultant
Experienced and certified of Coordinator Occupational Healt & Safety in Oil & Gas Industry & General Industry, Lead Assessor IRCA, with a strong background in implementation of Quality, Environmental Healt & Safety Management Systems, and had experiences for the Project as Management Respresentatives and Project Leader ISO with strong knowledge on the Management System
qone consulting
Erry Firmansyah, ST
Trainer/ Consultant
A Trainer and Consultant with experience in manufacturing industry, education, and government institutes. Experienced as trainer for many topics of Management Systems (Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety) and Productivity & Operation Management such as: Awareness and Internal Audit of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, and ISO/TS 16949. Supply chain managements (PPIC, Purchasing, and Warehouse Management). Total Productivity Maintenance (TPM) and Total Quality Management (TQM) / Total Quality Control (TQC). HR Development. Has experience in consultancy of Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS, and ISO 22000), and OHSAS.
Erwin Sunaryo, M.Si., CT.NNLP, CHt.
Trainer/ Consultant
Graduate Master of Public Administration with a Management concentration from Universitas Jenderal Soedirman - Purwokerto. His interest in the world of self-development made him not bored of upgrading his knowledge and skills by attending varoius self-development training and seminars, NLP (Neuro-Lingistic Programming), Public Speaking, Lie Detection, Leadership, Training of Trainer and other Human Resource-based training.
qone consulting
K. Satria Yudistira Redana, ST.
Trainer/ Consultant
A professional trainer and consultant with about 11 years of experience as practitioner in manufacturing and mining industry. Has specialty in integrated Management Systems, Productivity & Operation Management, and Lean Manufacturing. Several topics of teaching experience: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 8001, and ISO/TS 16949. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) ISO 31000 (certified of ERMAP-Enterprise Risk Management Associate Professional). Genba Kaizen, Management Control System (MCS), TQM, and TPM. Balance Scorecard.